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Andria Humpert

for Erlanger-Elsmere School Board

My name is Andria Humpert and I am running for election this November to the school board of our Erlanger-Elsmere Independent School District. The events of the past couple years have profoundly impacted me and I have felt the pull to fulfill my civic responsibility. I have ZERO political aspirations and am only running for school board because I love America, I love Kentucky, and I love our community. We should not rely on the same people to run and occupy the same positions in our government year after year; instead, I believe our community and our schools are at their best when new and different citizens are willing to step up, fulfill their civic responsibility, and serve the people for a short time and for the right reasons.

More Information

If elected as a member of our Erlanger-Elsmere School Board, I commit to the following actions:

  1. Making clear to members of the school board and district administration that parents are in charge of matters relating to and affecting their children, not the government or bureaucrats

  2. Demanding transparency in all matters involving taxpayer money and asking questions, not blindly accepting information

  3. Leveraging data as part of the decision making process, not statements or opinions in isolation

  4. Using common sense and logic, not feelings or group think

  5. Focusing on outcomes, not virtue signaling

  6. Pushing for innovation and new ideas to bring private-sector support and involvement into matters of the school district to reduce spending, increase effectiveness, and/or promote efficiency

  7. Speaking up and not being afraid to disagree, push back, or vote NO, when needed

  8. Being a good steward of taxpayer money and working to LOWER our taxes, not raise them

  9. Promoting open communication and collaboration between the school board and both the parents and the teachers so as to best develop the academic, emotional, and social skills of the students; parents should be ENCOURAGED to be involved, not just allowed to be involved


A little about me:

  • I'm 43, born and raised in Fort Mitchell

  • I attended Blessed Sacrament School, Notre Dame Academy, and Western Kentucky University 

  • I played DI volleyball in college and graduated summa cum laude

  • I moved back to NKY in 2016 after spending 10 years living and working on the west coast

  • I have a full-time job with a large Greater Cincinnati company

  • I volunteer my time coaching volleyball for a local grade school

  • I have 2 rescue dogs

  • I believe whole-heartedly in individual rights, personal responsibility, small government, and capitalism


Thanks for your consideration!

Paid for by Andria Humpert, Candidate for Erlanger-Elsmere School Board

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